Tax Planning

  • Prepare individual income tax returns, including state and local returns
  • Prepare corporate, partnership and limited liability company income tax returns
  • Prepare estate, trust and gift tax returns
  • Electronically transmit returns 

If you find yourself in the unlikely position of an federal or state income tax audit, you can rely on us to assist you through the situation.  We never recommend that you represent yourself before the Internal Revenue Service.  Whether we prepared the tax return or whether someone else completed the return, we will handle your examination.  If you have received a notice of examination, please contact us immediately so that we can begin the process.

No one likes surprises when it comes to your money.  We offer services that can take the guess work out of your financial decisions.  We can prepare an estimated tax liability based on your current situation or based on future changes.  We can calculate your tax liability or tax savings from certain transactions, such as selling stock or real estate, cashing bonds, contributing to or withdrawing money from a retirement plan or purchasing  a home.

Income Tax Preparation

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IRS and State Audits

Whether you need help preparing your basic income tax return or you have a multi-million dollar corporation or somewhere in the middle, we are here to help you.  Today's ever changing tax laws are too complicated to navigate without the help of a seasoned tax professional.  Let us take the stress and anxiety out of tax time- make an appointment today or simply bring your tax information to our office and we will take care of everything.